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On the 6th of this September, I celebrated 30 years of life, health, and countless blessings. I thank GOD for this gift of life and health. As a believer, I always live with this: “The LORD is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.”- Psalms 23:1. This is my new age special present only for you. Read to the bottom of this article to get it.

I was 21 years of age when I graduated from my high school education, a very ambitious young man. Motivated by that youth energy in me, I dreamt of an exciting future in my life, and working at million dollars tech company/organization was in my mind always.

I was just awarded a certificate of recognition from the Youth of the United Nations in Tanzania (YUNA) in 2010. You can imagine how energetic I was.

Unfortunately, things were very different out of school and college life. All that energy I had when I was a student just vanished. With all the certificates I had, they couldn’t help me get that dream job of “working for the million dollars tech company/organization”.

I was devastated, but I could not allow myself to be consumed by that mocking period of “failures”. 

In 2017 that little energy that was left in me triggered some thoughts of establishing an initiative for serving small businesses with a digital infrastructure that will help them store and monitor their daily business records in an online environment. I called that project BIMOS (Business Monitory System).

online business

That project carried the whole motivation I had toward reaching my dream. Unfortunately, the project was not successful as how it was intended due to numerous challenges we faced back then.

However, in the process, I realized the significance of working in a team, serving the clients with higher customer care standards, human capital(they call it “connections” nowadays), Business analysis, and Organization management.

That project gave me lessons that I could not get in school and college. The project was significant to get me and Rednet Technologies where we are today.

With my team at Rednet Technologies, we managed to launch a number of projects and digital services for our clients from 2017 until today. We learned and improved as we worked with various individuals and organizations on serving their business requirements.

It is about meeting the client’s satisfaction that you can succeed as an entrepreneur in your business .

Joyce (my sister-in-law)

The 9 years journey from when I was 21 was never easy. You can imagine, 9 years of growing up and gathering myself, studying and facing countless challenges, heartbroken and disappointments, processing the algorithms, testing the strategies, and exploring the vast world of technology and business. 

However, the journey is worth it. Since we launched our website in 2017, we have worked on it and set it to be an extremely informative platform with news and updates on tech and business, self-serving for a client to choose what service they want and when they can set a deadline, and a center of communication between Rednet and her clients. Now, look how satisfied and informative the website has become by clicking here.


After saying all that, today allow me present to you this present that will enhance your daily business operations in your office.

  1. Now have you thought of giving yourself the privilege to get your office Stationery materials like Printer Cartridges, Rim Papers, boxes of ball pens and so many items found on our Business Profile below just by the click of a button?
  2. Also, have you thought about how may serve yourself with comfortable online digital services like Website Design, Custom Software Development, and Social Media management just through your smartphone?
  3. How about making sure your business is appearing faster when someone is searching for the service/goods that you provide? In today’s world, you need to make sure that your online business is well optimized by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Here is how you can do it;

Well as your trusted supplier and ICT expert, we want to meet your business satisfaction by serving you without interrupting other daily schedules you may have. Moreover, we will expect the payments from you within 30 days from the delivery date. Isn’t this helpful to your business?

Now Click these links to see, experience the services and press your orders:

  1. https://rednet.co.tz/services/your-order/ (For Stationeries)
  2. https://rednet.co.tz/services/jihudumie-leo-kwa-huduma-bora-za-tehama-kutoka-kwetu/ (For Web Design)

If you work for an organization, an institution, or a private individual, this Present is Special for YOU. Contact us right now to get started receiving our services.

Get more details on our Business Profile by downloading it here.

Today, by the Grace of GOD, I am looking forward to challenging, rewarding, and exciting 10 years of this Third floor until 40 years of age and more years of serving our clients and exploring the world of technology and business.

focus on your plans and make sure you win.