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this is why you need backlink for your website

This is why you need backlinks for your website to rank higher and perform better on Google search appearances.

These backlinks are the links to your websites that are mentioned/found on other websites/platforms i.e LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bbc, Aljazeera, government websites, and other organizational and private websites. Today we will learn why you need backlinks for your website to rank higher and perform better on Google search appearances. Get to the bottom of this article.

Why Backlinks?

  1. They give your website a higher Domain Authority: This is the status of Influence in Search Engines. The most influential websites/platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC, Rednet Technologies) have more Domain Authority than less effective websites.
the domain authority for your website

2. They rank higher your website in Search Engines: If your website has 20 quality backlinks, that means, there are 20 attractive links to your websites that were mentioned by other websites/platforms. That means your website will perform better than the one with 10 poor backlinks.

3. They give your website a Unique Identity: Considering the type of keywords you are using on your website, your backlinks will make sure that the website is very unique on Google Search Appearances. i.e If you have mechanical keywords, don’t expect to appear in food searches.

4. They increase traffic to your website; Since Backlinks are the referral points that other websites endorse for your website, it is likely to increase the number of visitors to your website. This is very powerful in doing #SEO intelligently.

5. Increase Customers for your Services/Products; The easy way of getting customers in Digital Infrastructures is through #SEO and specific Backlinks. Considering the previously mentioned advantages, backlinks will increase your customer base gradually but very surely.

How Do You Get Those Backlinks?

After knowing the advantages of Backlinks, you would want to know how to create them so as to get the benefits out of it asap. Here are a few of what you can do.

  1. Add Internal Links; Internal Links are the links that refer to the topic you’re discussing with the previous topics that you already published before in your older posts. These will give enough details to your visitors on different articles just inside your website.
  2. Add Outbound Links; These are the links coming from other websites that support your points in the article. This gives your readers points of reference, and more is very good in #SEO ranking. The outbound links provide citations to your visitors always. You need them.
  3. Ask other publishers to mention the links from your website in their publications. Here you create the links of your articles as Outbound links on other publishers’ websites. If your links appear in other websites’ content, potential referrals are created to rank it higher.
  4. Publish your articles on other platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Medium. If your article has more internal links and outbound links it will be great in Google Search Appearances and #SEO.
  5. Make sure the images that you’re using in your articles have “alt text and meta tags” details with the same words as your topic/keyphrases. This will improve the Image Search in #Google. You know how many images are doing fine in impression nowadays!
alt text and meta tags for your website

6. Update your Articles frequently: The new algorithm of google makes recent posts appear higher on search appearances than old posts. Also if you update your post google will count it as a new article. You want to do this.

Tools to consider

After doing everything that you read in today’s article, please do not forget to check how your website is doing in #SEO and Keyword performance. You can use tools like Google Search Console or Jetpack (for WordPress).

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